April 3, 2018

Winter Training….from Portugal to Palma… (It’s a struggle)

It’s hard to say that winter training has finished when we have spent it away in the sun in Vilamoura, Portugal! Vilamoura Sailing Club was a great host to many nations that also decided to base their winter training there. It was an awesome venue, providing some really tricky conditions with some big swell! We had the chance to setup Florence and get her primed and prepped before the racing season kicks off. We can feel a huge difference between the subtle changes in a brand new boat and we are so grateful to Marine Results for the opportunity to make an easy leap forwards in our development. We spent the majority of our winter training working on our upwind technique, a really tricky part of 49er FX sailing, requiring true teamwork and solid communication. We have made some huge gains in this area and are really looking forward to testing out our speed in some up-coming racing. All in all, our winter training in Vilamoura was epic. Lots of glamour sailing, a bit of golf, yoga mornings, Stunning sunsets, dolphins and as it was Portugal, lots of custard tarts!

Amidst all of the amazing sailing out in Portugal, we made the choice to spend three weeks (it’s a long time for us sailors) to focus on some more physical areas of our sailing in the gym….in England. It was pretty tough being stuck in a gym whilst our teammates were out in Miami competing at the World Cup. However, it was a really good chance for us to get massive in the gym and put ourselves in a solid position ready for the summer.

Despite the great light wind sailing we had over the winter in Vilamoura, we lacked some big, windy days that we had hoped for to work on the boat handling aspects of sailing. Due to this we moved on to Palma, Mallorca at the beginning of March to start preparation early for the Princess Sofia regatta. Typically at our first camp in Palma we got too little wind and too much wind! I guess that’s just the game of sailing. It’s funny as it’s probably one of the only sports where we rely on so many uncontrollable factors! That also makes it the best sport: no two days can ever be the same! We have certainly perfected the art of WAITING….. So be it in the slight form of a coffee addiction! Nevertheless Palma is still one of our favourite sailing venues, and since then we have had some glamour conditions with some really good breeze and of course one or two classic Palma (MEGA) days. It is the first event after winter training where all Olympic classes and sailors from all nations and levels come together to compete in the Princess Sofia Regatta at the start of April. It is a great opportunity to put all the areas we have been working on into practice. There will be over 50 FX’s racing at the regatta and you will be able to follow us on our website and social media! Fingers crossed for less coffee and waiting and more sailing! 


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